And now about the positive aspects!

And now about the positive aspects!
1) Warm climate.
2) Surfing and waves.
3) The variety of temples and holy sources.
5) Spiritual path and working out of karma.
4) Variety of landscape.
6) Cheap housing.
7) Peace and positive.
Dana Keli & # 8211; Lera Ivanova & # 8211; or @lvaivl.
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Make this year your best year!
Report on targets for August-September-October 2016.
During these three months, I had a lot of interesting things, which I did not plan.
I got into a theater group, I did an advertisement, I played one of the most wonderful sets in a disco in Kiev, I spend a lot of time with my friends, I go to dancing, acrobatics, and I read a lot of interesting books on self-development (not business books).
And what about my goals that I set at the beginning of the year?
Report on targets for August 2016 & # 8211; how to set goals.
My report on the goals for August 2016. Let me remind you that every year I set goals and methodically finish them, breaking them for months.
In this article & # 8211; just a report for August.
Goals for the year & # 8211; Report on the targets for July 2016.
Goals for a year! Report for the month of July: fulfilled 3-year goals, fulfilled one intention, very, very coolly inspired by Europe !, launched on Mondays LIVE streams on Facebook, I record on Wednesday mini-series “Normal Wednesday”.
[& # 8230;] How can I move to Bali and not get bogged down? [& # 8230;]
Oh, Glory! Thank you for the article, while reading, as if transferred to the island and lived it all herself))
Tell me, please, how can you share the promised secret about budget accommodation with a good vai-fay, etc.? Thank you some gift at a meeting! 🙂
Also want to know about this housing!
how are your travels?
Sorry. And why look for 2-3 acquaintances who will send you money for a return ticket in 1-2 months if you can take money for a return ticket?) I heard many times about the remote work that it is needed. And so the stupid question is probably: can not you send your money to Bali? ))
And to come to the last kopecks and hope that you will be able to find work on arrival – it’s generally in the area of suicide. If you do not have 2-3 acquaintances who will send you money for a return ticket in 1-2 months, you are not recommended to go here without work. & # 8221;
Why pull out of context? Arrival of the last penny contradicts the deferred money for a return ticket.
Glory, it was very pleasant to read your article, everything is clear, clear and understandable, without superfluous words. Itself only flew in, I can say, stumbled very much with many of what you described, I specifically looked for answers and people, you confirmed all of my lived and felt there! Indeed Bali place of power and karma and perfume and everything was so sensitive never traveling anywhere such did not experience
Catherine, thank you for the comment, and for sharing your experiences.
Bali & # 8211; a really strong island, no matter how a man atheist did not come here. After Bali, I want Bali again.
Even if it becomes difficult, even if it becomes wild, dirty and noisy: there is something here.
Good luck to you in the new year!
Thanks for the interesting description. Thoughts have absolutely converged with mine. It is interesting to read.
Severely, but honestly) Thanks for the interesting material) Author, or maybe you will advise the Russian surf school in Kuta? In autumn, I’m going to go with the girl to get acquainted with the island (in the future, too, we want to move), but the main goal & # 8211; learn to surf. Friends advise in Serfvenkemp, but I would like to know what else there are options. In the middle of September we want to fly.
Unfortunately, I’ve never heard about the above camp, but it’s no wonder: there’s more surf school than taxi drivers in Moscow.
Come, you will not be lost. If you want & # 8211; I can advise on the arrival of a good local coach, at the same time and in yoga pumping.
Add to FB or VK, as you arrive to the island, we will write off.
It reads into the chow and is very inspiring, we want to move with my husband and daughter to Bali, it would be interesting to know whether many families with children go there or catch zen, they go mostly alone)? In any case, thanks for the article!
Ask a question in group & # 8220; Together in Bali & # 8221 ;, in facebook, there are many similar families there)
Very detailed article! I myself now think about remote work, I will prepare mentally! Articles such as yours are very helpful!
Thank you! very interesting, from September we arrive in Bali with a friend and friend, our house through airbn for 19315 rubles a month, 3 rooms mini kitchen, living room, we plan to shoot during the year, is it expensive?
Thank you very much, Glory! Very useful information and, most importantly, the lion’s share of their own experience. Everything is very close in spirit. Slowly, we begin to approach our goal! Peace!
Anton, thanks for the comment!
I’m glad to always positive people in my blog!
I wish you good luck in the performance of your tasks, hold on, be strong!
thank you a lot. hope to see you soon.
i hope to see you in Bali too.
keep learning and sell more & # 8211; you will get enough money to travel the world like I do.
[& # 8230;] How to move to live in Bali and do not feel bad [& # 8230;]
About karma clearly described, I noticed this while I was in India, everything very quickly finds an echo.
Thank you Glory, very interesting and garlic!
Oleg, I’m so glad that you read!
I will do more interesting stuff)
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