All ways of obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

All ways of obtaining a residence permit in Spain.
Despite the economic crisis, Spain from all European countries suffered more than others, the number of Russian emigrants did not decrease, and even increased at times. The increased interest of Russians to the Kingdom of Spain is confirmed by the reports of agencies dealing with real estate transactions, the number of clients is inexorably growing. This is due to the simplification of the government of the country to register a residence permit in several categories.
According to statistics on immigration, in the Kingdom for 2012 the number of Russians living was about eight thousand people.
As of 01.01.11, most Russians live in the autonomy of communities (thousands):
By province (thousand) people:
If you look at the average age of the Russian diaspora, it varies between 33-34 years. So it can be argued that the diaspora is relatively young, although there are about 700 people over 70 years old. Minors of Russians about 14% of the total number of immigrants.
Peculiarities of moving.
For emigrants from Russia, according to the laws of the state, two types of documents are issued that ensure a legal stay in the country:
Temporary residence permit; Permanent residence permit.
In turn, the temporary residence permit (residence permit) is divided into the following categories:
With accommodation without the right to work; For pensioners; To reunite with the Spanish resident’s family; Business & # 8212; immigration; Work under the contract (employee); Under the terms of the law 14/2013 – “golden” residence permit; Students with limited employment.
All types of residence permits provide for a stay in the country from 90 days to five years.
Permanent (long-term) residence permit – permanent residence is issued for five years and more and gives the opportunity to live and work. The issue of permanent residence is provided for the following category of citizens:
Reunification with the family, if its members are EU citizens. It is issued after a five-year stay in the country and has a validity period of 10 years; Persons who are not EU citizens but who legally reside in Spain from five years of age. For this category, permanent residence permits are issued with a work permit; For persons holding a blue card and legal residence in the state. The status is issued for a period of five years.
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On video, how to get a residence permit in Spain.
Immigration programs.
Accommodation without a work permit.
Persons traveling under this scheme receive a residence permit without permission to work. The applicant must have a sufficient amount in the account at the financial institution of 150 euros per day for any member of the family. A person living in Spain has financial security from abroad. The primary issuance of residence permit is registered for a year, then it is prolonged for two years, the next is also 24 months. At the general five-year residing it is possible to issue a permanent residence permit. A prerequisite is the availability of an annual income of 20 thousand to 80 thousand euros per year (confirmed by tax returns). It is also necessary to extend the status of a continuous stay in the country from 180 days throughout the year. If the applicant has no income, then for the issuance of residence permit it is necessary to have 180 thousand euros on an account in the Kingdom;
Immigrants are pensioners.
Residence permit in Spain for pensioners.
Under this program emigrants who have retired in Russia can move. An obligatory condition is the availability of own housing or a contract of employment for a period of not less than three years. Also, you need to have a certain capital, giving income of 10 thousand euros per year. This category receives a residence permit with a subsequent extension;
To unite with the Spanish family resident.
A spouse residing in the country with a resident status of at least 12 months can write a statement on reunification with the family (children, parents of spouses). Provides a temporary residence permit, providing for the extension of the term;
Business immigration with work permit.
According to this scheme, an immigrant staying in Spain as an entrepreneur for obtaining a temporary residence permit has the opportunity to open an operating company with the creation of two places for employment.
The residence permit is issued for 12 months with the following two renewals, respectively for 24 months each. After a five-year residence on a temporary permit, you can apply for a permanent (long-term) residence.
Opening a business without the right to work.
It provides for the applicant to have his own funds and a permanent source of income from another state. Opening a business in Spain does not provide for its direct work, but it is possible to make a profit. The management is carried out through the hired administrator or manager.
An undeniable advantage is the availability of real estate.
Obligatory conditions: residing on the territory of the operating company and creating jobs;
Contract job.
To live and work on residence permit as a hired worker, you need a contract from the employer, certified by the Ministry of Labor. If this place of work is not occupied by local citizens, then only the employer offers employment to the foreigner. But this variant of immigration is not particularly effective, since the country has high unemployment; And here is how the work of the driver of an international affairs officer in Poland takes place, is detailed in this article.
The basis for acquiring a temporary residence permit is studying in a paid institution. It is required to have certification and permission for the training of immigrants. This is not only a university, but any courses, business and language school. At the same time, permission is granted to work for 20 hours in 7 days, but that employment does not coincide with the schedule of studies. For those who want to learn about how to organize study in Germany for Ukrainians, it is worthwhile to follow the link and read the contents of this article.
The applicant must meet the following requirements:
not to have citizenship of the EU country, availability of medical insurance and financial security for the period of training.
Initially, the permit is issued for a period of three months with subsequent regular renewal.
On video documents on the residence of Spain:
Golden” residence permit.
This permit allows to attract investors:
Acquisition of real estate or land in the state in the amount of 500,000 euros. The property can be commercial or residential. Perhaps these are several objects, but in the total amount it is necessary to reach the initial minimum; The purchase of a government issue of borrowed securities (bonds) for a value of two million euros; Investments in companies operating in the state through the purchase of shares for one million euros; Opening of the deposit for one million euros in the bank of the country; Opening a new company with the provision of work places. The amount of investments is not clearly defined, but the business should be profitable and taxes should be paid.
The terms of registration of the resident’s position for a gold residence permit are about two to three months, and are issued for a period of up to two years, with a subsequent extension. After a five-year stay in Spain, an application for a long-term residence permit is being submitted. When drawing up a long-term residence permit, you can not stay out for more than six months.
After living a total of more than 10 years, you can complete your citizenship. Persons who have the status of a permanent place of residence enjoy social benefits, but they do not have the right to be elected to state authorities, to take part in elections, to serve in the police and the army.
On the video: Permanent residence permit of Spain:
Requirements for investors when issuing a temporary “golden” residence permit:
Being in the Kingdom from one day to a year; Absence of previous conviction; Medical insurance; Age from 18 years; Presence in Spain without breaking the law.
Spouses, children up to the age of majority can apply together with the main applicant; Accelerated time for consideration and issuance of an authorization document; Permission is valid throughout the country.
Deal with real estate.
Buying property in the amount of 500 thousand euros allows the applicant to purchase a number of advantages:
The acquisition guarantees the automatic receipt of residence permits for up to five years with subsequent renewal for all family members, including parents; Free visit during the year for all Schengen countries; Visa-free visit to about 100 countries; Possibility of registration of long-term residence permit and citizenship.
The prerequisite is: the funds spent on the purchase must be personal, not borrowed. There are additional conditions for the area of real estate, because by law every member of the family should be provided with a certain standard of the area.
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On the video view of residence in Spain when buying real estate:
Required documentation when moving with a real estate transaction:
Application form – two copies; Four photos; International passport; Valid Visa; Certificate with no previous conviction; Insurance; Medical certificate; Documentation of marital status; Copy of the contract for the purchase of real estate; A statement identifying the factors of the move.
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On the video, a residence permit in Spain for the Russians:
Obtaining residence permit. What gives and its advantages.
Persons who have obtained a long-term residence permit enjoy the following rights and benefits:
Free education of children in general schools; Provision of medical assistance within the limits of insurance; Registration of ownership of the car; Entry to the EU without a visa.

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