Africa has a counterattack.

Africa has a counterattack.
The colonization of Europe by settlers from the Black Continent is the main trend of the near future.
A hundred years ago it seemed that the northerners had gained the upper hand. All of Africa, except Ethiopia, found itself in the hands of European powers. The population of Europe came as a leap – it became the main center of world migration expansion. The French began settling Algeria, the Dutch – the Transvaal, the Portuguese – Mozambique, the British – Rhodesia.
But not a century has passed since the wheel of fortune turned 180 degrees. Today, Europe has become a region of demographic depression, and the global center of migration expansion has moved to Africa.
The figures presented by the UN experts (Department of Economic & Social Affairs, Population division) quite eloquently illustrate the coup.
The population of the continent (millions of people)
Africa remains the only continent of the planet where fertility is not declining, and therefore the proportion of Africans in the world population throughout the twenty-first century will multiply. By the end of the century, every third earthman will be a native of the Black Continent.
Just like three hundred years ago, Europeans became tight in Europe, Africans are becoming ever closer in Africa. The colossal pressure that has arisen in this kind of demographic boiler, is bound to find a way out.
Emigration from Africa is encouraged not only by overpopulation, but also by a low standard of living. Despite significant economic progress, neither the middle, nor even the end of the century, most African countries will not reach the world average level of consumption. Worse still, one can not count on the export of raw materials, due to which the Black continent lives today, because in Africa there is only 16-20% of the world’s resources, which is not enough for the needs of 33-35% of the world population.
In short, the mass exodus of Africans is inevitable. And the main destination for departing will be Europe.
The reasons for that are three. Europe is rich and it is easier, than anywhere else, to procure a daily bread. Europe is close historically – almost all African countries were somebody’s colonies, and modern Africans know the languages of the former metropolises.
Europe is close geographically – it is separated from Africa by an illusory narrow Gibraltar strait. Today, 56% of emigrants leaving the Black Continent are sent to Europe. In 2013, there were 8.9 million immigrants from Africa. Every year this figure is increased by 300-500 thousand newcomers.
While the African diaspora in the European Union is not so great, although its influence in London, Brussels, Madrid and especially in Paris is already felt. Most importantly, the flow of immigrants is growing exponentially, doubling with every decade. If this trend continues, and all objective prerequisites work, then by the middle of the century the EU border will cross 6-10 million African immigrants annually.
The division of the population in the social and economic department of the United Nations assumes that the population of Europe in the coming century will not grow, and by 2050 on the continent there will be 719 million inhabitants – slightly less than now. This is a very modest forecast, not permitting that the migration tide will block the natural decline.
This forecast is very optimistic for Europeans – it’s hard to believe that an islet of prosperity with a declining population could withstand a geometrically growing migration avalanche. In the same Germany, which can be considered a reference European country setting the tone in the EU, the population is growing, despite the long-standing and persistent demographic depression. It grows, solely due to immigration.
It is difficult to imagine that exactly opposite tendencies could peacefully coexist in two neighboring regions: Africa will be bubbling, bursting with billions of people looking for work and food, and beside it the well-fed old woman Europe will continue to die quietly, letting no one enter the liberated space. It’s impossible. In physics, with this potential difference, a current is struck. In demography – a migration breakthrough.
Even if you believe the UN calculations and agree with the figure of 719 million Europeans forecasted for 2050, then in this model only 600 million are considered by local natives, and about 120 million by visitors. To this we must add that even among the 600 million people born on European soil, not all will be representatives of indigenous European peoples (in the cities of Great Britain today a large part of the “second-generation immigrants” refused to assimilate).
A radical shift in the European ethno-cultural balance in the coming decades is inevitable.
This is a kind of counter-attack of Africa in response to the colonial expansion of a hundred years ago. Once Europe built its capital on the robbery of the whole world, not excluding the Black Continent. Today, Africans are moving north to recover the treasures of their ancestors, and to recover the percentages that have come running for a century.
You can argue hoarsely, whether it’s true or not. But with every minute of the dispute, one African in Europe is getting bigger.
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The author’s materials of the resource are prepared by the group “The Byzantine project”, representing historians, culturologists, social philosophers who are working on the problems of the Byzantine heritage and its application to modern realities.

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