Acquiring citizenship in Germany.

Acquiring citizenship in Germany.
In modern times, Germany is becoming a very popular country for relocation. Many families decide to go there for permanent residence. This is due to high wages in the country and free workplaces for visitors.
Pros of citizenship:
You can go to any university in the European Union; You can live in any country of the European Union (27 countries); Free movement, without a visa, to 150 countries; Social security, insurance, benefits and so on.
Acquisition of citizenship in Germany:
Imagine, here you have moved Germany for permanent residence and have been living for a long time. Naturally, it’s time to get German citizenship. But how can this be done if you do not know the laws of the country? The following algorithm of actions will help you, which stages by stages, where and why you need to go.
Do not hesitate to contact the Citizenship Office (Einburgerungsbehorde). To what you belong, you can easily find out in the department for foreigners (Auslanderbehorde), youth counseling centers (Jugendmigrationsdienste), adult counseling centers (Migrationsberatung fur erwachsene Zuwanderer) or in the city administration. If you still have a passport of another state in your hands, you must first obtain a departure sheet from the embassy of your home country and register with the German embassy, and register. All this costs no more than 50 Euro. Approximately in 3-6 months you will be invited to hand over your native passports. But be sure to remove copies from them, you will need them when you receive a German passport. When you get a certificate of passport, it must be translated into German. This procedure costs 20 – 25 Euro. It can be done easily in any agency, but it is necessary to notarize (beglaubigte Ubersetzung). All this is surrendered to Einburgerungsamt. Next, you need to fill out the application form that will be issued in the Citizenship Office. Before this, carefully consult on all issues so that there are no ambiguities left. People from 16 years old can apply without the presence of adults, on adolescents, if they are not yet 16 years old, the application can only be filed by parents. Thirdly, you need to pay the application at the box office. The cost of obtaining German citizenship for one adult adult is about 250 Euro. For minors who receive citizenship together with their parents – 50 Euro. Minors who receive citizenship separately from their parents also pay 250 Euro. In the case of a large family, who need to become German citizens, it is possible to apply for a reduction in the fee or on payment on credit.
Under what conditions can you obtain German citizenship:
If you have an indefinite right to reside in the country at the time of acquiring citizenship. The test for knowledge of the legal and public order passed perfectly. The test for knowledge of the social structure of the country will be excellent. You have lived in Germany for 8 years or more. You can independently provide for yourself and your family members. You do not need government help and benefits. You understand and speak German well. You do not have a criminal record. You have officially recognized the values of free-democratic Germany and do not encroach on the public order and the constitution of the Republic. You officially renounce your former citizenship in favor of German.
If you have not met at least one point, you may be refused. But, if you present evidence to the state that you will bring any benefit to the country, the agency for obtaining permanent residence can be expanded (Ermessenseinsburgerung).
Children born in Germany:
If both parents have German citizenship, the born infant also automatically receives it. Or for this purpose at least one of the parents must have lived in Germany for 8 years or more, having at the same time a certificate of the right of unlimited residence in the country. Such a child decides independently at the age of 18 to 21, who is the citizen of which country: Germany or the country of the parents. Determine must be mandatory before this age.
After the official submission of the application, when the state fees have already been paid, your application is considered. In case of a positive answer, you will be given a paper in which you have officially renounced your previous citizenship. It will be valid for 2 years. With this paper you go to make out a German passport. First you need to change the name, especially Russian because of the patronymic. We must go to Standesamt (REGISTRY OFFICE). This procedure is completely free. Your new name will be ready in 2-3 days. After receiving the paper on the name change, go write an application for all documents of a German citizen.
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