A trip from Rome to Venice is a guide for a tourist.

A trip from Rome to Venice is a guide for a tourist.
Italy has always attracted Russian travelers, however, for independent travel, detailed information is needed, which can not always be found on official websites. Our material is especially for those who want to go on a separate trip from Rome to Venice.
Fly by airplane company Alitalia.
The distance between Venice and Rome, if you draw a straight line on the map, is 244 miles or 393 kilometers. This is what it will be if you decide to overcome it by boarding a plane.
From the Roman airport Fiumicino to the Venetian Marco Polo you will be taken by the planes of the Italian company Alitalia, which run every day from 8:30 to 21:40. Time of exciting flight – no more than an hour, which is important for tourists, limited by the time frame of the trip. The lower price for one-way airfare is about 80 euros.
If you decide to move by land, the length of your route will be already 540 kilometers. This, of course, will take more time, but did not you go on a trip not to get to know this amazing country more closely?
For those who decided to choose a land route.
How to get from Rome to Venice? Those who prefer to admire the scenic views, traveling by land, can choose a railway route, a bus or a car.
We move by train.
The fastest, but also the most expensive trains in Italy are the Eurostar trains: they depart every hour from the Roman station of Termini to the Venetian Santa Lucia starting at 6:50. The high speed of movement is absolutely not felt inside the car: the passenger feels completely comfortable.
Eugene, 55, an expert in Italy:
“Picturesque views from the window of the car will not make you bored, so 4 hours of travel will pass unnoticed for you. If you decide to go by night train, the route from Rome to Venice will be 2 hours longer. For second-class tickets, you will have to spend from 80 euros. ”
Svetlana, 32, artist:
“The speed of the Frechchargento convoy, which drove us to Venice for 3 hours 40 minutes, was 250 km / h (information on this is reflected on the monitors inside the car). From time to time the composition passed the controller. In case of improper registration of tickets, he called an employee on the mobile phone, who solved financial problems with the passenger. ”
Tickets to Intercity trains will cost you a bit cheaper. There are also Espresso and Reggionale – trains with democratic prices.
Some tourists traveling by train get to Venice with a transfer: they travel from Rome to Bologna and transfer to a train following to Venice. You can get from Rome to Milan, and then make a transfer to Venice. But why waste time on transplanting if there is Frechchargento speed train? The Rome-Venice train runs on a direct route, every hour leaves from the Roman train station and comfortably takes you to Venice for the same 3-4 hours as the Eurostar train, only the ticket will be somewhat cheaper: 76 euros (one way).
As practice shows, all Italian trains are late: let it not be a surprise for you. Even expensive Eurostar trains can sometimes arrive late in almost two hours, and a delay of 20 minutes is quite common for Italian railways.
The train schedule can be viewed in the electronic version, on the glazed stands, available on the platforms and in the buildings of each railway station, as well as in ticket machines. When you enter the departure and destination points, as well as the time interval, the machine will give you all the existing options.
In mid-December 2014 in Italy launched a new high-speed route. From the Roman airport to the main Venetian train station and back twice a day the Frecciargento train runs daily – see more & rarr;
How to buy train tickets?
The most traditional way is through the cashier. Many Italian cashiers speak English. If not – use the Russian-Italian phrase book. When calculating, do not forget to thank the cashier, saying “millet graces”. The cost of tickets will show you the scoreboard of the cash register addressed to you.
Payment is accepted in cash and by card. Instead of a passport (it can sometimes be required when issuing a ticket), some tourists leaving their documents in the hotel safes present their scanned first pages located in the handhelds. Cashiers are surprised, but they accept this option.
Most often, the cashier draws up a ticket for the cheapest train passing in the near future, therefore, that you are going to travel in a more expensive team, it is necessary to say in addition. And the cashier will never tell the time of sending the desired composition to you: he sells tickets for the nearest passing routes. You should check against the data placed on monitors, stands and ticket machines.
If you have a ticket for a cheap train, and you want to go on a comfortable Eurostar or another luxury train, you will need to make a surcharge. In this case, you will receive an additional ticket, which must be presented along with the main ticket.
It is very convenient to buy tickets with ticket machines. They are yellow and gray. Yellow automata are more convenient, since the tourist is given the opportunity to choose a language that he understands. In order to obtain a list of routes of interest, it is sufficient to enter the name of the station and the date of departure of the train.
In response to the entered request on the monitor, there will be an exhaustive information on all routes, containing the departure time (from the point where the tourist is located), an indication of the train class, availability of seats and a list of services provided in the train.
Gray-colored automatons are mainly used by the native inhabitants of Italy, since all information is given in Italian, but in case of difficulty, one can always turn to them: benevolent Italians will never refuse to help foreign tourists. In an ATM, you can pay in cash or with a card.
The price of tickets does not depend on where they were purchased, because it is the same for all methods of purchase. It also does not matter, tickets were purchased at one or two ends.
Well, the easiest and most convenient way is to buy tickets via the Internet.
Since 2017, Italian trains have become available on some Russian booking services. The most famous of them is OneTwoTrip.
The process of finding a ticket, choosing a place in the car and buying is simple, intuitive and occurs in the Russian interface.
After paying for the card, an e-ticket is sent to the post office – it can be printed or saved on a mobile device and presented when boarding a train along with a foreign passport.
The cost of the trip from Rome to Venice is from 55 to 85 euros, depending on the carrier company, the type of the car and the time of departure.
We went with my wife for a day to Venice in Treitalia’s Standart wagons. Comfortable and reliable – not disappointed.
To learn more about the prices and timetables of trains, and also to buy tickets, use the link or the search form.
For those who prefer a bus.
You can get to Venice from Rome only with transfers, as Italy does not have a single bus company that specializes in long-distance transportation of people. This is Italian law. This, of course, is a big drawback, because the journey time because of the transplants is extended to 7-10 hours.
At the same time, traveling by bus is the cheapest way of traveling, as the ticket price does not exceed 45 euros.
Michael, 37, military:
“Despite the long journey, the trip was not exhausted at all: it was promoted by the excellent condition of the roads, and comfortable seats in the cabin. Thanks to the fact that all transport in Italy was transferred to “green” gasoline, cleaned of lead compounds, we did not feel the characteristic odor of spent fuel anywhere, even when standing in traffic jams. ”
Elena, 23, housewife:
“From the airport to the Termini train station, we went by a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Baggage without problems loaded into the luggage compartment, tickets were given for eight euros (per person). For 45 minutes of the trip we saw a lot of interesting things, so the move can be considered a kind of excursion through the picturesque surroundings of Rome. ”
We travel by car.
The road from Rome to Venice in a rented car will take you about six hours, and most of the way will lie on toll roads, the total cost of travel through which will be from 30 to 35 euros (add to this the cost of gasoline).
Since the cost of renting a car in different car rental companies in Italy can be significantly different, it is useful to use the services of a specialized search engine, located on a well-known hotel portal.
Vladimir, 45, businessman:
“In the summer they made a tour of Europe by car. A rental car was taken at the Munich airport, since the cost of Italian hire is much more expensive than in Germany. The road from San Marino towards Rome was struck by the beauty of the picturesque serpentine. I want to note the high quality of both paid highways and free roads. ”
Ruslan, 26, free artist:
“An excursion to Venice by car will cost you a pretty penny, because for parking in Tronchetto you will have to pay about 25 euros. It is best to stay at the Mestre hotel, taking advantage of the hotel parking, and to get to Venice by bus. You can get there in 15 minutes, giving a ticket for 1.3 euros. ”
Marina, 35, Manager:
“Traveling from Rome to Venice, it is best to first take the course to Florence, then – to Bologna, from there – to Venice. The 500-km path can be done in five hours due to the magnificent state of toll roads. How much does such a trip cost? During the journey you will have to spend about 35 euros. A large number of special zones make it possible to stay on vacation. ”
Your comments to the article: “A trip from Rome to Venice – a guide for a tourist”
Thank you so much for such detailed information! This is exactly what I was looking for! At the end of September my husband and I fly to Italy, and I just dream of killing two birds with one trip – Rome and Venice! This is just a dream. And you have painted everything in such detail, literally to the smallest detail (as if I myself already bought a ticket at the station). And the main thing is that this is not so expensive, for some reason I thought that such a trip would cost a lot more times. A dream, my, Venice!) Wait for me!
My first trip to life was in Italy. Rather, I dreamed of Venice, and my husband really wanted to go to Rome. We chose a special tour, in which a visit to two cities was planned, and spent an unforgettable two weeks in this romantic paradise. Now, after 4 years, we visited many European cities and resorts, but the warmest memories were just about the Italian holidays. Now we decided to repeat the trip, but we will travel independently, without the involvement of travel agencies. Your article came at the right time, a lot of useful information, like a guide!
The train is the most optimal option for the price-speed ratio. Plus you come to the station on the island of Venice. If you fly by plane – you will have to pay extra for travel to Venice.
From Rome to Venice by train. There are nuances. A picturesque species is not enough, because The train travels mainly through tunnels, lays its ears and, against the movement of the train, sit uncomfortably. Carefully look at the company – which train bought tickets, they are different and will need to be rediscovered already in the car. High-speed trains, which are more comfortable in them and even have rosettes.
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