a residence permit in Germany through a working contract.

a residence permit in Germany through a working contract.
Hello everyone! There is an opportunity to register this year 4 people for a residence permit in Germany through a working contract, if there is a higher education in Russia. That is, this is not a job offer, namely the possibility of obtaining a residence permit through the registration of a working contract, it is not necessary to work. It is not necessary to be in Germany & # 8212; but at least a few days a year must be in Europe. You immediately get access to honey. insurance, a school for children, etc. Well, of course, no visas to Europe are needed. After 21 months, the residence permit will be transformed into permanent residence, after which you can leave and officially do anything, and always have a guaranteed honey in Germany. insurance, a pension, a school for children, etc. The cost of 29 thousand for the whole family, including everything. Plus you have to pay the state 21 months of taxes & # 8212; about 1500 euros per month. Details & # 8212; in a personal, here I will go rarely.
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I will do Hungarian citizenship for 17k euros. It takes 6 months & # 8212; 1 year. You do not have to pay taxes. I myself have been flying for a year on such a passport.
After 21 months will be the right to work without reference to the employer and not the residence permit of the neogr. Posons, register a company in any EU country and get a business residence permit without any restrictions.
need more information.
hrensa someone earns. Then I’ll do it in 15, too.
who will bid below? No, seriously!
as he once went to a taxi in Munich, talked to a Belarusian taxi driver, so he offered to help for 20t.oiro to make an official marriage with a German woman, but only for the next 2 years it is necessary to persistently create the appearance of living together with a newly-made beautiful wife, work to come neighbors saw and heard, your toothbrush in a glass in her bathroom & # 8230; the inspector can come and check.
The cost price of permanent residence in Germany is 29 000 + 1500 x 21 month = 60 000 euros. And two years for all this (for the whole operation). NDA, not cheap (IMHO). But on the other hand, are there any variants cheaper (in the same Germany, Austria, etc.)?
At the same time, as I understand, no one guarantees that it will be permanent residence for the whole family in 2 years. That is, they can give permanent residence or they can refuse (prolonging residence permits) & # 8230;
Permanent residence in Austria in Kiev is for 10 to Oiro. I heard.
I understood the attack, 29 000 & 8212; it’s rubles.
You understand what garbage, residence permit that you will receive, I do not argue. But this is your firm every month & will want to eat & # 187; (that is, there are monthly expenses for maintaining this firm afloat, plus costs for the accountant, legal address, taxes on paying the minimum wage, etc.). That is, they are expenses, they are not small and they must be considered in advance.
Firstly, it is necessary to prolong the residence permit every year, but simply because no one will renew it, they will look at your salary (paid taxes during the year) & # 8230; To prolong it is necessary personally (that is expenses for presence in the country of prolongation if you there are not constantly and td). And, by the way, they can refuse to extend the residence permit (there are cases) and then what? All the nonsense?
Therefore, the value is not in the residence permit itself (it’s just that simple), namely, in permanent residence or in the citizenship of one of the countries of the European Union.
I doubt very much.
Perhaps this applies to citizens of Ukraine, and then we need to understand which option this is (in what way).
I wrote those there in the inn.
You wrote such a garbage, I do not even know what you mean.
You register a company in any EU country, it will be around 5k + euro per year with the manager. You get permanent residence without the right to work for a family, in 3 years if everything is okay? you get permanent residence.
He offers permanent residence as a professional emigration with fictitious employment, if at the end of this period you do not find a job in Germany himself (which I doubt) you will be deprived of a residence permit.
Open company & # 8212; no problem. I’m serious, since I am the owner of several companies (including the EU). Get a residence permit on the basis of this & # 8212; too not a problem. But there are regular (!) Expenses for maintaining this company (maintaining it “afloat”). And they are significantly higher than 5,000 euros per year. Although it depends on the country. if in Germany (through someone) only 5,000 euros a year & # 8212; it’s good.
Again, do not forget that you get a first residence permit for a year (although it certainly depends on the country, but as a rule it’s only 1 year). And it is necessary to prolong this permit in a year. One of the important conditions for the extension of the residence permit is # 8212; this is the receipt of the minimum payment (salary) to a loved one during this time (and of course the payment of all taxes for the accrual of this same salary). And this is monthly expenses. And they are summed up (before obtaining the NRM) are not small.
And then there are already differences in the legislation of different countries. If in Germany after 3 years you can get the NRM and close the company (get rid of these monthly expenses), then not all countries can get a normal permanent residence in just 3 years. Typically this is 5 years or more.
let’s wait for the author of the topic.
okay) only I went through the whole procedure and helped my friends. I have a passport. and you only have the desire to pay incomprehensibly to whom)
And they will take such and ask – will you prolong it?
add me also to your post please.
Also read the post.
& # 8212; � 19a para. 6 & # 8212; clearly written that it was permanent residence.
& # 8212; the firm in any country gives a visa-free regime, but you can use health insurance and schools of only that country. Who wants medicine and schools in Germany, should get a residence permit in Germany.
add in post pliz.
refusals on the 19th paragraph usually do not happen, if not violate the laws maliciously.
in that they are completely different paragraphs & # 8212; Business immigration and residence permit through work.
curious to know the details!
1. and when issuing a permanent residence in Germany you are not asked why, in fact, for the entire period you were in the territory of the European Union for 2 weeks?
2. Instead of 5 years it is necessary to plow on a working visa?
3. “Always have a guaranteed honey in Germany.” insurance & # 187; & # 8212; without deductions from? I do not believe.
1. see the current law & # 8212; paragraph 19 & # 8212; can be absent for a year in a row.
2. see the current law & # 8212; paragraph 19 & # 8212; 21 months.
3. see above: 1500 euro per month tax and deductions. Strange as it may seem & # 8212; see the same paragraph 19. The keyword & # 8212; actual.
on concrete questions with pleasure I will give concrete answers.
post & # 8212; this is cool, but I will give concrete answers to specific questions here or in a personal.)
29000 rubles or euro?)
infa about me 100%
Is there the same thing only in the US?
the author of the topic either never worked at all in Germany, or deliberately breeds the public. I speak as a person with a residence permit, the experience of opening and closing companies in Germany and leading them.
beginning with the fact that the absence in Germany for three months a year automatically annuls the current first annual visa, for example.
access to social benefits comes in the event of a lease agreement, confirmation of financial well-being and other optional things at the discretion of different institutions. The bureaucracy in Germany is developed and pass through its wheels without losses simply by paying “Boris” & # 8212; very doubtful prospect.
The registration of an enterprise takes place in the presence of a Schengen visa and a set of documents & # 8212; the set depends on the type of enterprise, authorized capital, previous business activities and other things, and is subject to case-by-case variation. There is, of course, a standard set, including bank statements for private entrepreneurs for the last six months and other things.
Important: the opening of an enterprise with a Schengen visa does not automatically guarantee the granting of a residence permit! Therefore, the residence permit must be registered in accordance with other rules in parallel with the registration of the company. Preparation of documents differs significantly from filing documents for ordinary and even business visa.
Let me make you an alternative proposal, my dear, & # 8212; I take a fairly modest payment for consulting about the opening of enterprises in Germany, the registration of branches, and other pleasures. For this modest fee, I will provide you with the necessary information in full and, if necessary, provide you with a competent approach to registration, optimize financial expenses for all the mess and support with word and deed. Interested & # 8212; fast.
if I understand correctly, the residence permit is given on the basis of employment, rather than own business. The question is how easily the relevant ministry gives an opportunity to employ people from 3 countries.
The author says, as I understand it, about the so-called “blue map”. There is such a proposal & # 8212; get a temporary residence permit for four years, with education, work in Germany, and other things. True pay social. Payments and taxes from the minimum wage for obtaining a residence permit will take 33 months, consideration of the possibility of obtaining a residence permit after 21 months is considered if there is a certain level of knowledge of the German language, confirmed by a certificate. There are many more details, but the basic part is “# 8212; if it is caught on the fact that this is a fictitious workplace, then the employee will be banned from traveling to Germany at all, and the service provider will be sued for fraud, for example, long and tediously. What is a particularly pleasant procedure, because it is regulated by criminal law.
Employment in Germany & # 8212; too, is not always a simple procedure, it is absolutely suspected, it is necessary first to talk with the exchange about the need to attract specialists from abroad (but the blue card softens many requirements). Obtaining a visa for the performance of a particular activity is strictly tied to this activity. Lies and fictitious rates are not very welcome. One check of financial authorities and Boris will cease his business activities quickly and painlessly. Although, I do not judge him, of course.
and can you in this post or in the post post questions about the opening of a German company? how best to ask (privately or publicly)?
The size of tax and social. contributions, insurance and others depends on the average minimum wage for your specialty and region. 1,5 thousand & # 8212; this is a fairly modest amount, especially for Western regions and specialists with higher education.
it is by no means always only the existence of a legal entity sufficient to obtain a residence permit.
I will answer general questions with pleasure here, I will hold a consultation on a particular case in the post, if necessary, after the registration of the relevant contract. The contract guarantees you & # 8212; the safety of all the details and all the information that I need to ensure a quality support of the process, I # 8212; payment
By the way, for that one itself.
Sorry, that very blue card & # 187; in Germany, for example, until the end of 2013 received only 7 thousand specialists, and those 7 thousand in the majority just moved from one status to another, for example, specialists from third countries who were educated in German universities for occupations that are scarce
but, but if you wait, you can wait until the moment when min. salary on the blue card will be reduced from 46 thousand to another minimum and taxes will have to pay less.
By the way, zapalitsya about a fictitious workplace in Germany is not so difficult. In my company for a few years, regularly visited every possible check & # 8212; tax, from supervisory bodies for work and other organizations. Especially in the case of granting a special status or allocating financial support to the workplace (in the case of disabled employment, for example).
For which contacts can I contact you?
as mathematicians say, this is a necessary, but inadequate condition, if we are talking about �21. According to �19 Jur. A person does not need to.
and by what mechanism is citizenship? It is citizenship or permanent residence?

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