8 ways to stay in the US on a tourist visa with a change of status.

8 ways to stay in the US on a tourist visa with a change of status.
How to stay in the US on a tourist visa and change your status legally? It’s best to do everything through an American immigration lawyer. First you need to choose the method that is best for you.
1. To extend the tourist status.
The first way to stay in the US on a tourist visa is & ndash; this, in fact, extend the tourist visa. In most cases, if all is well, then at the entrance to the US put a stamp for six months. This means that a person has six months to be in America legally as a tourist. In general, it is not recommended to stay in the states for so long if the person does not want difficulties in obtaining tourist visas in the future. But, if you are driving in order to stay, then such a period is just right for you. Moreover, it can be extended for another six months. Thus, you will have a whole year left before you decide which way to legalize. Of course, it is better to decide on this as soon as possible.
To extend the tourist visa, you need to send a special form and a certain package of documents that will prove to the immigration service that you have truly tourist intentions. To ensure that everything went smoothly and you got approval, it is better to consult a lawyer with the experience of successful renewals. With its help, you will easily receive an extension and win an additional six months. An important point, you can apply for an extension not earlier than 45 days before the expiration of your current tourist status.
Second way & ndash; get a student visa. To do this, you need to go to college or university for full-time studies. You can also apply for language courses. Simply, it will not happen, because educational institutions will immediately inform the immigration service that they have expelled you, and you will immediately lose your status. When choosing a place of study, be sure to see that it gives out the form I-20, without it you can not change the status. The process of changing the status is the same: a form and a package of documents compiled by a competent lawyer are submitted.
A tourist visa can be changed to a student visa, while in the US.
This method should be used only as a last resort. To obtain this status, you need to collect a case that will prove to the immigration service that danger is threatening in your homeland. This status will give you permission to work, a social security number, and eventually a green card six months after you submit your documents. But to date, the waiting times for final interviews for political asylum reach five years, during which you can not leave the US. If you leave, consider that the entrance back to you is closed forever.
This is a visa for talented people. If you have serious merits in the field of science, business, art, sports, etc., then you can fully expect to receive this work visa. It is fed from the company. To obtain this visa, you will need to prove to the immigration service that you are really very talented, deserve this visa and meet the necessary criteria. Here, certainly without an experienced immigration lawyer can not do. The cost of preparing a case may cost a round sum, but it’s worth it.
The fifth method is inherently close to the previous one, this is the EB-1 visa for very talented professionals. The criteria are roughly the same, but the requirements and demand are much stricter. You also need to prove that you are talented in your field of activity and that your activities will benefit the United States. Cases that are sent to the immigration service for the EB-1 visa are more than a thousand pages and are sent in several boxes. The cost of such a visa is rather large, but as a result, you immediately get a green card and can forever forget about all the visas.
The sixth method is suitable for experienced businessmen, whose companies have been on the market for several years, are able to expand and open an office in the US. Here, too, you can not do without a qualified lawyer, as well as a business plan. As a result, you will be able to legally work for your company in the United States, as well as to transport your family there.
This is a working visa, but here everything is more complicated, since this visa is quota and it is issued not more than 85 thousand per year. Petitions are taken literally a couple of days in early April. Most of these visas are disassembled by technology companies from the Silicon Valley. Therefore, if you are an experienced technician with a great knowledge of English, then definitely worth a try. Communicate with employers, send your resume to different companies, it is quite possible that some organization will be interested in you and make you a visa.
8. Marriage with a US citizen.
The easiest, but not all suitable way. Here it is necessary to understand, even if you are in an illegal status, then you can still be legalized through this method. After marriage, sending the necessary documents and passing the interview, in a couple of months you will get a green card, and in three years you can get citizenship.
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