3 free immigration consultations. Emigrate for a year!

3 free immigration consultations. Emigrate for a year!
Free individual online consultations will help you decide on an action plan for immigration and will provide answers to questions that arise during this process.
Greetings from Canada, my name is Pavlenko Alexey.
If you watch this video, then, most likely, at least once thought about immigration. I myself went through this process 3 times.
What are your chances of immigration? Find out for free for 5 minutes right now online.
The first time it was in 2006, and my family and I moved from the Ukrainian province to Kiev. Then we had one child. Our life has changed tremendously, so I believe that it was immigration. We never regretted our move at all. And moreover, where we left, now there is a war.
The next immigration we had in Poland in 2015. We already had two children. Poland I liked, I was surprised, did not expect this from the country, because the whole country is being built around (everywhere construction sites, cranes), quality food, Poles are friendly, do not cheat in stores (the same stickers with the expiration date for products do not re-paste) , – in general, I recommend it to everyone.
Already in 2016 we moved to Canada. Before that, we had a third son in Poland, and therefore we were already 5 people. Canada has both pluses and minuses. And I think that not everyone will like it, because this country needs to be understood. But I’d better talk about this in another video.
On all these immigrant sentiments, I made a portal on emigration. Also I develop the community on Facebook, and we recently had a small anniversary – 11,000 subscribers. And I had an idea to conduct a webinar, live, where I would talk about the options for moving to Canada, how much money is required, what skills to have, – well, everything about what needs to be done to move to Canada.
But the problem is that I have never conducted webinars, especially for such a large audience. And I’m a little worried that I will not succeed. Therefore, there was another idea – to practice.
I propose to conduct several individual consultations on Skype. If you want to move to another country, I will sort out your life situation by bones and advise you how to solve the problem. And this will concern not just the choice of the immigration program. We will also draw up a plan for your steps: what you need to do, how much money you need to immigrate, how to enroll your child in school, how to rent a kindergarten, how to rent a house. In exchange, I’ll ask you to record a video call, which I can use (the reviews need truthful ones, so that I can work on my mistakes).
Perhaps, for each consultation, we need a few chimes. I see it this way: during the first call we get acquainted, I give some general information and advice, then I take a time-out, think over your situation and draw up a plan of action; during the second call I tell you; and during the third call we are already recording a video call.
If you are interested in my proposal, then right now write a letter to [email protected] and tell me how many people in your family, what languages you know, what your education is, how old you are. Well, the more information you write, the more likely that I will choose you.
I want to hold 3 consultations. And I remind you that I have 11,000 subscribers on Facebook, about 2,000 subscribers on YouTube. If you want me to choose you, please write as soon as possible and describe as much as possible where you want to go.
That’s all. Subscribe to the channel, put like, click on the bell to not miss the news on immigration and so on. Well, and before the meeting in Canada (or in the country where you want to immigrate).
You can emigrate to Canada in a variety of ways, for example:
& mdash; Use the program for skilled workers. To do this, you must meet several requirements: it is good to know English or French, to have higher education, work experience in your specialty, etc.
& mdash; Move through the provincial program, for example, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec.
& mdash; Enroll in a Canadian college or language course. You will master a new profession, get local experience and this will help in the future to obtain a Canadian passport.
& mdash; If you do not know how to file documents and want to be sure of the result, contact immigration lawyers. They will help you to immigrate to Canada quickly and in the most beneficial way for you.
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