10 pluses of Poland. The advantages of living in Poland.

10 pluses of Poland. The advantages of living in Poland.
If you are thinking about immigration and have not yet decided which country to move to, Poland is a great place to do it. Here there are all the conditions that allow to live in comfort: a rapid economic growth, a moderate climate, high-quality food, inexpensive cars and the opportunity in the near future to buy housing on credit, which is especially important for families with children.
Greetings from Canada! My name is Pavlenko Alexey.
I have 35 videos on the channel, and there is one video that has collected almost half of the views from all the others. There’s a wild amount of negative comments and dislikes. This video was dedicated to 5 reasons, because of which we left Poland, the shortcomings of life in Krakow. I emphasize, these disadvantages were subjective and concerned only our family. I really love Poland, it’s a wonderful country. And to somehow rehabilitate, I decided to shoot this video, and in it I’ll tell you about the 10 pluses of life in Poland, why you need to immigrate to this country. Go!
How quickly do schoolchildren learn Polish and adapt in a new country?
1. I will start with an average life expectancy. In Ukraine, live an average of 72 years, and in Poland – 77. I think, 5! additional years of life are worth changing the country of residence. By the way, in Canada, on average, live 82 years.
2. The economy of Poland is developing at a frantic pace: there are solid construction projects and huge proposals for work. Many families, after working for several years, can afford to buy an apartment on credit. In general, the standard of living in Poland is excellent!
3. In Poland, you feel more protected, there is somehow calmer. For 1.5 years of residence in Krakow, we, probably, have never encountered rudeness, bribes, and negative attitude towards us from the state authorities. I remember with horror how it was in Ukraine.
With neighbors, we were very lucky. Poles, they are such – benevolent. We are still communicating with some, and the children are calling up their former classmates.
4. In Poland, a very good attitude towards children. Teachers reacted with understanding to the complete absence of Polish from our children and in every possible way tried to help them. The load in the school was optimal: not so much heavily loaded with knowledge, and there was time to take a walk. There was a huge number of various circles to choose from, not to mention the playgrounds at every corner.
5. In Poland, a paradise for motorists. Here it is quite cheap to buy second-hand German cars: BMW, Mercedes, Audi – almost all of them are affordable. I myself bought a “five” BMW. Roads in Poland, albeit narrow, but they are very high quality, and you can develop high speeds, and for this will not be fined.
6. Living in Poland, you can very cheaply travel throughout Europe. Here are very affordable prices for air tickets, not to mention car trips. Living in Krakow, we went to Vienna, Berlin, Prague and other cities.
However, Polish cities are also unique, very, very beautiful. And you can go to Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk.
7. In Poland, a very beautiful nature: there are mountains, rivers and lakes. The climate is also good: the summer is not very hot, and in winter it is not very cold.
8. In Poland, very cool food, quality and delicious foods. I nostalgically remember the Polish sausages “Cabanos”, they are so thin and very tasty. I’m not talking about all kinds of cafes, pastry shops. In Poland, if you go on the road, in many places there are taverns, where you can stop and tasty and not so expensive to eat.
In Canada, when I’m on the road, there are some Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, well, this is inedible everything. And Poland! Just for the sake of food you can move.
9. Speaking about language, Polish is similar to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian. Even if you do not immediately begin to talk on it, you will partially understand it. And this is a big plus for choosing Poland as a country of immigration.
10. If you are determined to immigrate and for you to live unprincipally in a particular country, Poland is interesting because it is easy enough to immigrate to it. I shot a video about 7 ways to move to Poland, be sure to check it: https://youtu.be/YXIOK2XKHRI/.
How about you? Have you been to Poland? Do you like this country? Write in the comments. On this all, subscribe to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPvcUzYGik49O8hZReEl-Ag?sub_confirmation=1, put it, click the bell, so as not to miss the output of new videos. Well, before meeting in Canada, or in Poland. I’m there sometimes too.
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“35. Master in the USA with FULL funding. How to get FREE to the American University “: https://youtu.be/bJur14VSvs8.
Poland & mdash; a wonderful country for life. This is one of the countries of the European Union, where it is easiest to emigrate.
– Programmers, designers, photographers and other creative professions who work for themselves have a unique opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Poland for 3 years and pay minimum taxes.
– Adults can get a new specialty (cook, hairdresser, make-up artist, masseur, etc.) in free polycheal schools. That will give an opportunity to work in Poland in the future.
– People with an entrepreneurial vein can go to Poland through business immigration.
– If you have Polish roots (say thanks to your grandparents), then the Pole’s card is waiting for you. In addition to financial assistance in the amount of 1400 euros, you can receive a Polish passport in a year.
In addition to providing emigration services, we will help you to rent an apartment in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. One option for investment & mdash; Purchase of real estate in Poland for the subsequent delivery through the management company.
Write to us if you want to immigrate to Poland.
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