10 facts, after which you want to urgently move to live in North Korea.

10 facts, after which you want to urgently move to live in North Korea.
If you have already traveled the whole world, visited the most exotic places, saw many amazing and difficult places, and still want to continue traveling, then we have one unexpected option for you. This country will definitely leave an indelible impression in your memory and change your life. It’s about North Korea – the most closed and unpredictable state in the world, about which many unheasant things are written about. But, maybe, all these are myths and exaggerations? What if you look at this country from a different angle?
Here you will forget about 20-degree frosts in winter, as well as dirt and greyness, lasting for six months. The climate in North Korea is amazing, the average temperature for the year is 10 to 16 degrees Celsius.
North Korea is a vivid example of the fact that the planned economy has its advantages. Perhaps people here do not have to choose which of the two hundred kinds of cheese to buy today for dinner, but there are no depressing sharp failures in the local economy. Everyone lives the same way. modestly.
The North Korean army is one of the most revered state structures in the country. Its strength and achievements are proud of everything, and military parades cause a raging delight in every resident.
Care of the state.
Above all, the North Korean government appreciates and encourages human labor. Therefore, any worker in this country can be sure that he will receive from the state every day a portion of rice weighing 700 grams, as well as a few kilograms of meat and two dozen eggs every year. Maybe a little, but how nice!
Legalized marijuana.
God forbid to get into synthetic drugs in North Korea! But natural hemp is quite another matter. Military and do replace it with ordinary cigarettes.
It happens that you open a news tape in the morning, and an avalanche of horrifying and sad information on events from around the world flies on you, which causes nothing but depression. Happy Koreans do not know such problems. They have their own Internet, the information flow in which is strictly checked and settled. Here, only certain information appears with an ideologically “correct” attitude and nothing superfluous from the outside.
Show from the Guinness Book of Records.
Did you know that the most ambitious and spectacular show on the planet was born and is held every year in North Korea? Every year on the first day of May various festive events take place here, among which an incredibly impressive performance of 100,000 acrobats, musicians and other artists. Yandeks.Direkt.
North Korea – a country where incredibly reverent attitude to the wild. The connection between ordinary people and, most importantly, government with flora and fauna is so strong and stunning that, according to the authorities, the death of the radiant Kim Jong-il was mourned even by wild beasts in the forests and steppes throughout the country.
Revived a fairy tale.
Always dreamed of seeing a magical unicorn, but are not completely sure that it really exists? Then go to North Korea, here your doubts will be dispelled. In Pyongyang, even there is a special place where, according to the stories and the tablet hanging there, there is a real unicorn.
The best leaders.
Not every state on the planet can boast of impeccable rulers, replacing each other from time to time. And North Korea can! Ask any citizen of this unique country and he will answer without hesitation that all the leaders who headed his homeland in the last decades are practically demigods – talented in everything, outwardly attractive, charismatic, intelligent, kind, generous and caring. In general, it remains only to be envied.
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The real tin. Life in North Korea. Video.
The story of the only prisoner who managed to escape from the North Korean labor camp number 14.
Go to Wikipedia and see how the Americans survived the Great Depression of 1929 and beyond! This is tin. And about the Hunger of 1932 in the USSR will forget! If in the USSR-the forces of nature, then in America-so demanded the law of the Capitalist economy.
Survived. But Stalin organized the Holodomor. Not as the genocide of the Ukrainian people but as the liquidation of the peasantry.
Stalin hated the peasantry and was afraid of it. Suddenly the peasants will take forks and axes?
In fact, through collectivization and the organization of the Holodomor, he destroyed the Russian peasantry as a class. The remaining peasants were transformed into Soviet alcoholics, collective farmers.
As in the USSR, the Holodomor was the result of state policy.
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comments on the material 12/15/2017 #
The photo is real and the text is the same it is necessary to be able to, from reality it will be far away.
Is there a reality? Publish. We will discuss.
A normal state will not be sealed.
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Would be an Indian – must have settled in the reservation.
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