10 cities in the US where it is best to live. Part 1.

10 cities in the US where it is best to live. Part 1.
You, for sure, heard about the mobility of Americans. You can imagine that almost every sixth citizen of the USA moves from place to place in search of a better life. Some do it within the city and their state, others change their residence radically, moving from north to south, from a small city to a large metropolis. What motivates them? Preferences are different for everyone: someone needs a high standard of living and decent salaries, someone is looking for a more peaceful region, so that families can live comfortably, while others simply unite with relatives and friends and want to live closer with them.
What do Americans put into the concept of “quality of life”? Probably, like all of us & ndash; that it was safe, so that there was a low crime rate in the city, that there would always be work to get a good education, and, in the end, so that you could have a good time and have fun. Today we want to acquaint you with the rating of the US cities, in which, according to the Americans, it is best to live, and which was compiled according to the poll of the last year. If you decide to move to a permanent residence in the US, you should carefully consider the list below. So, 10 US cities for an ideal life!
Very often in the ranking of the most ideal cities for life, Americans call the “live music capital” & raquo; – Austin (Austin). And not in vain. The city, which is home to over 830,000 people, has the lowest unemployment and crime rate across the country. All conditions for higher education are created here & ndash; 8 colleges and universities. Needless to say, 84% of Austin residents have a diploma of higher education. Youth city.
In addition, on average, an Austin resident must pay about $ 200,000 for an acquired home, which an average American can afford. Work can always be found in Austin, even near your home, which is important. In addition, people always have a chance to get remote work (according to the number of such employers, Austin occupies the 4th place in the country).
When the US experienced an economic downturn, this city with a population of just over 430,000 people managed to survive and even create new jobs. The average income of a resident of Omaha (Omaha) is more than 53 thousand dollars a year. Many Americans go to Omaha to study. There are 12 universities and colleges in the city, which makes it especially attractive for young people.
Yes, and rental housing in Omaha is also affordable & ndash; $ 715 per month. Well, if you decide to buy a house, then its average cost is about 129 thousand dollars. As for the big US, it’s not expensive. In Omaha, there are many leisure centers, art galleries, park areas, cafes and nightclubs. In addition, it is not terrible to go in the evenings: the crime rate in the city is low, the police service works perfectly.
Many of you probably have not even heard of this American city. Located Boulder (Boulder) next to Rocky Mountains, the majestic mountains of the United States. Judging by its location, it is ideal for lovers of nature and mountain landscapes. Near town & ndash; a few ski resorts, where lovers of snowboarding and skiing come. In summer, Boulder residents enjoy spending time out on picnics outside the city, hiking or hiking. In the same city, there are a lot of good restaurants, leisure centers, public libraries and city museums.
Boulder city is small, it has about one hundred thousand people. But the average income of a Boulder resident & ndash; 65 thousand dollars a year. Many of the residents are engaged in technical and scientific fields. Therefore, the city is home to many young people, whose age is 30 years. The average standard of living in Boulder is 40% higher than in other US cities. Although the city is small, but housing is not so cheap (about 410 thousand dollars per house on average). Therefore, not everyone can afford their own housing and most of the young people rent it. But in general, Boulder & ndash; a great option for life.
The largest city of Idaho Boise (Boise) & ndash; is extremely rich in minerals, which is an integral part of the economy of this city. The town of ‘Sun Valley’ is also raquo; very much fell in love with businessmen and managers of large companies. Therefore, they more often buy up real estate in Boise. Those who intend to move here for permanent residence, we want to report that the average cost of a house in the city is about 160 thousand dollars, and rental housing & ndash; 700 $ per month. By the way, sociologists predict a fall in property prices in Boise in the next two years.
In Boise, very low taxes. Over the past 15 years, the crime rate has fallen sharply in the city. As you know, the city stands on the river and is buried in verdure. To it even the nickname “City of trees & raquo ;. Local residents on weekend go to rest in the mountains, go boating on the river, hiking, ride a bike, in general, used to relax in the fresh air. In addition, Boise has an excellent zoo for birds of prey, a children’s cinema and an interesting museum of military history in Idaho, which will please the small residents of the city.
The huge metropolis of the USA, an overpopulated city, with a lot of transport, museums known all over the world, luxury restaurants, skyscrapers and a climate that is perfect for almost all people. Yes, life in San Francisco (San Francisco) can pour you a pretty penny. It is one of the highest in America. After all, to buy the average housing in the city, you have to shell out over 650 thousand dollars, while paying a considerable percentage of the sale and income tax. But at the same time you earn in & laquo; pearl near the bay & raquo; will also be good. The average annual income of a resident of San Francisco is more than $ 75,000.
This is a city of great opportunities. Next to it is the famous Silicon Valley, a huge technological center, which strongly influences the growth of the economy in the whole region. San Francisco residents are engaged in such areas as medicine, electronics, genetic engineering, biotechnology. Almost 45% of residents have diplomas of higher education. The city has more than 20 universities and colleges. Therefore, the labor market has a fabulous competition. If you look at the unemployment rate, then it is low enough for such a city & ndash; about 9% of the population live on social benefits and do not work. In addition, San Francisco has the lowest poverty rate in the country & ndash; 12%.
San Francisco & ndash; a city of democratic views and tolerance for sexual minorities. Compared to other US cities, it has 15% of residents – gays and lesbians. This megalopolis is enraged & raquo; unusual sights, scattered over the hills. That only there is a Twin Peaks and the Russian Hill. And its areas are completely different from each other: Financial District & ndash; area of glass skyscrapers, corporate apartments and office center of the city. Fisherman’s Wharf & ndash; the most favorite place for tourists with the historic park Maritime National Historical Park, an aquarium and a lot of restaurants and shops. The Italian area with nightclubs North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square, a prestigious area where the elite of Nob Hill city lives, the Castro district & ndash; & laquo; world gay capital & raquo; and dozens of other, very colorful, where everyone will find exactly the place where he wants to live and work. And we will devote a separate article to the sights of San Francisco, because they are worth knowing about them.
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